We love to talk to other filmmakers. Here you will find the latest video with one of our inerviews. Our interviews include talks to writers and directors, to actors, actresses, and pretty much anyone involved in the making of independent films.



For the RSS audio feed of our interviews you can get them through our Patreon page. These are the full interviews. Often we will edit out stuff for the YouTube channel to save on time, so these will  be the full interview. To listen take the RSS link and enter it to the RSS field of your podcast player, or click the mp3 link to listen directly.

Alessandra Usai and her film “Ladies of Science”
Cristina Ryan on Acting
John Andrew O’Rourke on Starting Out in Acting
Karl Callan Maker of “Repeal the 8th”
Kenan Demirsay and his film “Falling”
Rob Gill of the Richard Harris Film Festival
Terry McMahon – Writer and Director
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