No Budget 2023 Award Show

The No Budget team gives out its end of year awards for the shorts and features that it reviewed in 2023.

Tune in to discover which film walked away with the most awards this year.

01:51 – Animation
03:37 – Editing
04:58 – Screenplay
07:26 – Costume/Art
11:01 – Cinematography
12:27 – Documentary
13:40 – Director
15:26 – Supporting Female Actor
18:17 – Supporting Male Actor
20:41 – Lead Female Actor
22:37 – Lead Male Actor
25:24 – Feature Film
27:17 – Short Film

For a full list of the nominees

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2023 No Budget Movie Awards

And the nominees are: Best Animation “In a Heartbeat” Directed by Esteban Bravo and Beth David “Facing It” Directed by Sam Gainsborough “Barefoot Gen” Directed by Mori Masaki “Good Luck Yonpey” Directed by Shota Best Editing “Ultromedia Please” Edited by Joe Haughey, Hettie Griffiths, Jamie…

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Filmcast Episode 146 – Crude Oil

A young woman breaks free from an overbearing friendship after learning to recognize and assert her own talents and desires.

Watch the film here:

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Filmcast Episode 145 – Anniversary

It’s Carla’s anniversary, and she’s sure that her husband Frank is going to surprise her with dinner. He had forgotten the year before, so he’s going to make up for that slight with something fancy and extravagant — starting with the bouquet left on her doorstep. She enlists her best friend and neighbor, Angela, to help make her over for dinner, helping her reinvent her frumpy appearance into something exciting and attractive. But it’s not so easy when you’re no longer young, and Carla and Angela are on a tight deadline before Frank comes home.

Directed and written by Lain Kienzle

Watch the film here:

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Kino Dublin (KinoD)

KinoD, the international filmmaking event is happening August 5th  through the 14th, 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. We are joined by the  organizers of this year even to discuss what a Kino is and why they are  worthwhile events for filmmakers of all levels to attend….

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