Lighting Equipment

BPS Redhead

The nice thing about the Redheads is you get a lot for a very low price. The kit comes with three lights, stands, and a bag to carry everything in. The downside of these lights is they get hot, very hot. So watch your hands. Also based on experience it doesn't take much to break one

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Godox LED500C

A decent inexpensive lighting kit. The lights have a variable color selection allowing for a temperature range 3200K-5600K. They are not the brightest lights on the market but for the cost and weight, they are worth a look if shooting in smaller locations.

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The Pixapo lights are a good all around lighting option. Primarily only sold in the EU these lights come with hard plastic colored filters to adjust the color range. They are dimmable between 100-10% brightness lasting a long life.

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