And the nominees are:

Best Animation

  • “In a Heartbeat” Directed by Esteban Bravo and Beth David
  • “Facing It” Directed by Sam Gainsborough
  • “Barefoot Gen” Directed by Mori Masaki
  • “Good Luck Yonpey” Directed by Shota

Best Editing

  • “Ultromedia Please” Edited by Joe Haughey, Hettie Griffiths, Jamie Demetriou, and Sam Campbel
  • “82” Edited by James Demetriou and Nick Saunders
  • “Crude Oil” Edited by Christopher Good
  • “Everything Everywhere All at Once” Edited by Paul Rogers
  • “Barefoot Gen” Edited by Harutoshi Ogata
  • “Stutterer” Edited by Benjamin Cleary
  • “Blue Christmas” Edited by Blair McClendon
  • “The Cook” Edited by Vincent Bossel

Best Screenplay

  • “The Big Break” Written by Gil Freston
  • “The Forgotten Place” Written by Jeff Locker
  • “82” Written by Alexei Slater
  • “Stutterer” Written by Benjamin Cleary
  • “Blue Christmas” Written by Charlotte Wells

Best Costume/Art (Production Design)

  • “Blue Christmas”
  • “Facing It”
  • “Castello Cavalcanti”
  • “Crude Oil”
  • “Anniversary”

Best Cinematography

  • “Crossroads”
  • “Lay Me by the Shore”
  • “The Cook”
  • “Crude Oil”
  • “Castello Cavalcanti”

 Best Documentary

  • ” Nothing Compares” Directed by Kathryn Ferguson
  • “Mushroom Club” Directed by Steven Okazaki

Best Director

  • “Midenki” (Sing) Directed by Kristóf Deák
  • “Tap Boy” Directed by Will Kenning
  • “Blue Christmas” Directed by Charlotte Wells
  • “Lay Me by the Shore” Directed by David Findlay
  • “82” Directed by Calum MacDiarmid
  • “The Big Break” Directed by Gil Freston
  • “Castello Cavalcanti” Directed by Wes Anderson

Best Supporting Female Actor

  • Jana Plodková for “The Christmas Fish”
  • Zsófia Szamosi for “Midenki” (Sing)
  • Tipper Newton for “Crude Oil”
  • Lin Tucci for “Anniversary”
  • Michelle Duncan for “Blue Christmas”

Best Supporting Male Actor

  • Joseph Lopez for “Crossroads”
  • Miroslav Táborský for “The Christmas Fish
  • Ole Jørgen Farstad for “Welcome Home”
  • Spike Leighton for “Tap Boy”
  • David Arquette for “The Big Break”
  • Lewis McGowan for “Blue Christmas”
  • Michael Vlamis for “The Big Break”
  • Mark Weinman for “Big Ears”

Best Lead Female Actor

  • Aubrey Reynolds for “Crossroads”
  • Johnnie Mae for “Anniversary”
  • Lin Tucci “Anniversary”
  • Dorka Gáspárfalvi for “Midenki” (Sing)
  • Reagan Dale Neis for “Doppelganger”
  • Andreina Byrne for “Crude Oil”

Best Lead Male Actor

  • Isla Pouliot for “Lay Me by the Shore”
  • Amit Shah for “Big Ears”
  • Joseph Lopez for “Crossroads”
  • Andrew Faulkner for “Bloom”
  • Nick Moran for “82”
  • Keenan Munn-Francis for “Tap Boy”
  • Jamie Robson for “Blue Christmas”

Best Feature Film

  • “Barefoot Gen”
  • “Nothing Compares”
  • “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

Best Short Film

  • “Midenki” (Sing)
  • “Tap Boy”
  • “Blue Christmas”
  • “Lay Me by the Shore”
  • “82”
  • “The Big Break”
  • “Big Ears”