In my talk with Patricia Barnicott we discuss her long history as an actress starting at the age of 14, having to give it up for many years, then getting back into it later in life.

Still going strong at 82, she has some great stories about being on set and working as an extra, performing in musical theatre around the world. Patricia is most well-known for portraying Granny Pat, where she would interview rappers such as Sean Paul. She has worked as an extra in quite a lot of films for BBC and ITV, and other smaller films. She has also played many parts in amateur plays, pantomimes, musicals, murder weekends, and concerts. She ran a small group who went around to care homes to sing – and is still in 2 singing groups. Her singing has taken her to many places, including Disney World, Florida, with the Disney orchestra and chorus. Now in her 80s she is still performing, proving that you are never to old get do what you love.


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