No Budget Bids Farewell to Every Frame a Painting

every frame a paintingIf you are not aware of Every Frame a Painting, it is a web series by Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos. In each episode of the series they take a deep dive into what makes films great. The nice thing about the series is they don’t spend time debating indie vs big budget or diving into the world of click-bait. For example in the video Jackie Chan – How to Do Action Comedy, they dive into the principles of action comedy and what makes Jackie Chan styled action work. In another episode they might look at Marvel or The Coen Brothers. In each episode they look to explain the visual ideas that go into filmmaking, to those not in a filmmakers world. Yet for the filmmaker, they give us another view of what we should be looking when watching a film. It is apparent in each episode that the creators of the series spend a decent amount of time researching each episode, so we can’t blame them for deciding to end the series. Yet as great as each episode is, and a must watch for the budding filmmaker, the show has come to an end. As per the creators, “Nothing sinister; we just decided to end it, rather than keep on making stuff.” Just like most people in life, they have changed jobs, have different priorities which has lead them to no longer make more episodes. Thankfully they are all still available online and if you haven’t watched them, I would recommend checking them out.