If there is one thing that you must spend money on when it comes to a film production, that one thing is food. A well feed cast and crew is a happy cast and crew.
10. Plan ahead and buy items well in advance when on sale.
9. Buy in bulk whenever possible to save on cost.
8. Don’t forget to buy items to feed the vegetarians as well.
7. Buy generic.
6. If filming early, be sure to have plenty of coffee and tea.
5. Use a crock pot or slow cooker.
4. If you can, get a friend or your significant other to handle the cooking for you.
3. hire someone but try to find someone that is reliable and not just low cost.
2. Adjust the schedule if possible to allow for fewer meals or a day that the catering company will charge less.
1. Celebrate on the last night and take your cast and crew out for a meal.