Born February 11th, 1936, and at the age of 82 the legendary Burt Reynolds passed away this week leaving us with a lifetime of performances in hundreds of films. We would like to honor him by presenting our selection of top 10 films featuring Burt Reynolds.

Remembering Burt Reynolds

10 – The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Alongside Dolly Parton, Burt Reynolds plays Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd in this musical. Yes, that’s right, I said musical and we get to hear his singing voice in this comedy. It makes the list not because he is such a great singer but because this movie makes me smile.

9 – Striptease

In Striptease Reynolds plays Congressman David Dilbeck a sleazy congressman with the hots for Demi Moore as a stripper. Nothing says sleazy like a man wearing cowboy boots and covered from head to toe in oil.

8 – Stroker Ace

Not a highly rated film, but since this is my list I’m putting it on here. This hilarious film has bar fights, race cars, and Reynolds in a chicken costume. Oh, and the sexy Loni Anderson as Pembrook Feeney.

7 – Hooper

Reynolds worked as a stuntman at one point in his career, he now gets to play one in the movies as Sonny Hooper a man trying to prove that he still has what it takes. Also with plenty of bar fights and laughs.

6 – All Dogs Go to Heaven

As the voice of Charlie B. Barkin he brought tears to our eyes when, in this case, this dog ends up going to heaven.

5- Deliverance

His breakout performance was in 1972 with Deliverance. Reynolds plays Lewis who goes on a canoe trip displaying his bug guns throughout the film as it turns deadly.

4 – The Cannonball Run

Burt Reynolds leads this star studded film along with his friend and often screen partner Dom DeLuise.  Reynolds as J. J. McClure races across the country in the famed Cannonball Run race.

3 – The Last Movie Star

Made in 2017 his performance in The Last Move Star is a poignant film to watch as an aging star coming to terms with the end of his career.

2 – Boogie Nights

Playing porn director, his character Jack Horner has standards like shooting on film and treating his stars well. Burt wasn’t too happy about this film, up until he received his Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.

1 – Smokey and the Bandit

You must have known I would pick this as the number one Burt Reynolds film when this video started. His most famous role Reynolds races in iconic Trans Am that is as much of a star in the film as the cast. He is accompanied on this trip by the lovely Sally Field who has left her fiancé at the altar and is now being chased by Sheriff Buford T. Justice played by the great Jackie Gleason. Directed by Hal Needham who also directed other movies on this list such as The Cannonball Run and Stroker Ace.