I had had seen a few of Sidney Lumet’s movies but I had never really given him much thought as a director. Yet,  after reading this book, I’m amazed at how useful and informative it was, and what an amazing filmmaker he was. While reading and even since reading this book, I’ve referenced it a few times on the show No Budget as an example of what we should be doing as filmmakers. Also, I have tried to take as much as possible out of it into my own directing work. When Lumet writes in Making Movies about sound design, script, and working with cast and crew, it all comes from someone who knows what he is talking about. Sidney Lumet had a long career in film-making. He worked in the business long enough to see how the studios changes and the business changed over the years. He writes from the point of teaching so much of his knowledge to us, not because he wanted to make a buck selling some books, but because people asked him too. In the introduction, he tells us that it wasn’t his idea to write a book but those who knew him and knew that he had a lot to teach.

Lumet had worked with some of the greats such as Katharine Hepburn, Paul Newman, and Al Pacino. He speaks with a positive attitude towards everyone that is involved in the making of a film that it is no wonder he was one of the greats.

Check Out His Films

If you don’t know who Sidney Lumet is check out a few of his movie. He is most well known for Dog Day Afternoon,  but I would also recommend The Pawnbroker, Network, and his version of 12 Angry Men.