The man is in his mid-70s and still going strong. Literally, as he is still starring in movies and convincingly as someone who could kick some major butt. With this list, we are looking at some of his performances over the years to rate the best movies of Silvester “Sly” Stallone, to-date. Of course, because he is still making movies and who knows what might come out in the future as he does not appear to be slowing down.

Note: For this list we are excluding films where he is playing a supporting role such as Death Race 2000 or his brief appears in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And only focusing on the films he stars or co-stars.

10. Cobra (1986)

This over the top bad-ass cop flick isn’t much for quality. But it is great when it comes to Stallone driving around in a cool car kicking ass. Sly plays Marion “Cobra” Cobretti a hard ass cop with a cool gun, who is out to protect a crime witness and take down the bad guys. A diffacult task for most cops but for Cobra just another walk in the shark infested waters of LA.

9. Judge Dredd (1995)

Not the reboot, which is great on its own, but the 1995 version of the comic adaptation. It could be argued that we see his face a bit too much in this adaption of the comic, with some people preferring 2012 version for that reason. However, I believe it is possible to live in a world where we can have two versions of a film and both of them are worth watching.

In the future, the earth’s population has been forced to crowd into cities called Mega-cities. With so many people crammed together, crime has run rampant, so that the old system just couldn’t keep up. Now, Judges are the police, the court, and sometimes the executioners as they catch the criminals and dish out the punishment.

This judge learns a lesson as he is charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison. But with Stallone playing the judge, we know he will not stay in prison long as he looks to clear his name.

8. The Expendables (2010)

Remember the 80s? If you do, you will enjoy this action-packed film featuring just about every 80s and 90s action star from the era. The series has gotten a little cheesy after this first outing, but don’t let that tarnish this film.

Stallone plays Barney Ross, the head of a team of mercenaries called the “Expendables”, who set out to help some rebels overthrow a south American dictator. Also starring Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, and many more, this film is an action film fans wet dream.


7. Tango & Cash (1989)

Of all the films that are getting sequels, why are they not doing one for this classic? Mostly because it didn’t do well in theatres, and most people don’t like it. But I’m not one of them. You have two greats like Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell teaming up to fight bad guy Jack Palance in a truck with machine guns. Totally worth watching this underrated action-packed classic.

6. F.I.S.T. (1978)

F.I.S.T. is an often overlooked Stallone film, although it shouldn’t be. This movie is another example that Sly has a bit more acting talent than people give his credit for. In F.I.S.T. Stallone plays Johnny Kovak, a working man, who becomes a union man, and eventually becomes one of the most powerful labor leaders in the US.

Workers unite! And down with “the man.”

5. Creed (2015)

Let’s forget the less-than-stellar sequels to Rocky. I’m talking to you Rocky V and jump to this film. Stallone reprises the role that made him famous, as Rocky Balboa, now much older. Joining him is Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, the sun of Apollo Creed, who is looking to make his own name in the boxing world. Stallone earned a 2016 Best supporting actor Oscar for the role.

4. Cop Land (1997)

This ensemble film gave Stallone an opportunity to flex his acting chops and skip going to the gym for a while to grow a belly. Sly plays Freddy Heflin, a small-town cop who gets mixed up with some dirty big town cops and the mob. The cast also includes greats like Ray Liotta, Harvey Keitel, and Robert De Niro, just to name a few.

3. Demolition Man (1993)

A man from the past gets frozen and awoken in the future, where everything is perfect. Almost perfect. This action comedy has an excellent balance of action between Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. Along, with some great one-liners that make this action film watching.

2. First Blood aka Rambo (1982)

Very little like the movies that followed it up. This film has a man who just wants to get home and the system won’t let him. Stallone plays Vietnam veteran John Rambo, who is just passing through when he gets harassed by a small-town sheriff played by the great Brian Dennehy. After a PTSD induced flashback caused by the sheriff’s deputies, Rambo does what he does best.

1. Rocky (1976)

Not only is this a brilliant film, but it is also a lesson in what perseverance will get you. Stallone could have sold the film when he was desperate for money, and let someone else star in it, but he didn’t. he held out for an offer from a studio that would let him star in this movie and it paid off.

Rocky follows Rocky Balboa, a small-time Philadelphia boxer who gets a chance to fight the heavyweight champion of the world, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). Thanks to the coaching of Mickey (Burgess Meredith), the love of a woman (Talia Shire), and a lot of perseverance, he holds his own in the ring. This movie gives of one of the greatest 80s training montages of all time and kicks off the rise to stardom of its lead actor and writer.

And, of course, Sylvester Stallone is still making movies, so it is entirely possible this list will change within the next few years.